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Each newsletter will have a section focussing on many of the quality standards and facilities which will ensure Ocean Village is in a league of its own in Gibraltar. In this issue we have decided to focus on Hot spring Spa’s manufactures of some of the most luxurious spa’s available


Relax & Rejuvenate
The Mediterranean is probably best known for its aromatic herbs and shrubs. Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme and Sage will flourish in the gardens. Sage has been associated with longevity for centuries. "How can a man grow old who has sage in his garden?" asked the medical school in Salerno, Italy in the 10th century. These days we know longevity has much to do with stress levels in everyday life. To this end we are dedicated to ensuring Ocean Village is a totally stress-free and tranquil zone for the resident. To get away from it all you can relax in style and in total comfort on the top deck where we have installed five luxurious spas and a small, cool plunge pool.
The healing and relaxing benefits of water therapy have been well documented. Soaking in the hot, swirling water will leave you feeling mentally and emotionally relaxed. Fifteen minutes in the morning will give you a fresh start to the day and a soak before bedtime can make it easier to drift into a deep, restful sleep. The combination of heat, buoyancy and massage creates an experience that is both relaxing and rejuvenating, easing tight muscles and stimulating the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain killers. Whether it's to unwind from the complexities of everyday life or to revitalise sore muscles and joints caused by sports or minor strains, hydro- massage can help you to feel better—naturally.

Imagine having your own personal masseuse! We chose HotSpring Spas for their unique custom jets. Powerful and invigorating or gentle and soothing, you can select the appropriate level of intensity by adjusting the mixture of air and water; you can also direct the massaging action within each spa. Stress and tension will melt away as four precision jets massage and relax your neck and shoulders. Seven soothing jets provide gentle treatment for your shoulders and back. A warm stream glides easily over the muscles on either side of your spine and an interchangeable dual-port rotary nozzle creates a V-shaped pattern of water for a pulsating massage. The entire system has been orchestrated to transport you to a state of total relaxation.

The Penthouses and Palm Tree Mews homes come supplied with a private spa. These have become so popular that we are now making them available (at around half their normal consumer retail price) as optional extras for those interested.

Temptingly priced at £7,250 the "Sovereign" is suitable for the larger terrace with seating capacity for five adults. Equally as tempting is the "Solana" for the smaller terrace with seating capacity for two adults at £4,500.

We trust you are looking forward as much as we are to 2006 when the vision of Ocean Village will become reality; a tranquil, beautiful and relaxing environment where space, light, air, water and nature unite in perfect harmony.
Until the next installment of the Ocean Village Newsletter, we wish everyone a safe, restful, and happy summer. Enjoy!
We look forward to the time we will be able to hand you the keys to Gibraltar’s most prestigious private address.
Until the next installment of Ocean Village………………...

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