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Natural Resort

However, the pools are only one factor of the environment. We are designing a totally natural resort with literally thousands of plants. The design process commenced with a thorough assessment of site conditions, orientation, and the amount of sun and shade throughout the day. Everything has been meticulously planned from the density of the 1790 ground cover plants - yes, that’s almost 1800 individual plants in the main pool area alone - to the exact position of every large tree.
We will bring in up to 1.8 cubic metres depth of topsoil to enable our larger trees and plants to thrive. We will also provide them with mulch, drainage layers and the latest in irrigation technology, including moisture sensors and over 2,500 metres of irrigation piping.

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Verdant Oasis
The plants have been selected for the climate and the overall design undertaken by one of Europe’s leading landscape designers. Trees, succulents, climbers and vines, palms and feature plants will be used to provide soft filtered sunlight and to create shade and a sense of intimacy and seclusion within the gardens. Yuccas, Cordylines and Aloes will thrive here. Species of palm such as the Canary Island date palm (the common palm of Gibraltar), the Washington palm and the Sago palm will flourish alongside other exotic trees and plants. These will include two spectacular species of tree native to Australia; the Weeping Bottlebrush, a beautiful flowering tree that boasts an explosion of scarlet blossoms and the Silk Oak, its brilliant orange and red flowers produce prodigious amounts of nectar that attract butterflies and birds.

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