Welcome to the second edition of the Ocean Village Newsletter. With the advent of another long hot summer let’s take a closer look at the sparkling pools, luxuriant gardens and soothing spas that will make Ocean Village unique; the most refreshing and relaxing oasis Gibraltar has ever known.

It's July already!
Since the demolition of the Chandlery Building was completed the Ocean Village team have been engaged in the process of selecting the contractor. The choice has now been whittled down to two and an announcement as to the winning tender is imminent. Shortly, when this selection process is complete, work will then move out of the drafting offices and onto the site, taking the literally hundreds of prepared detailed drawings which have been prepared and creating Ocean Village.
The Ocean Village website will also be updated regularly to reflect the changes through each stage.

Pebble pools
We have been working to improve the design of the pools in many areas. We have largely abolished the use of straight lines in the design concept and have instead chosen a series of flowing, graceful curves. The interior shape and the edges of the pools will also be curved. We have chosen several natural pebble pools because they break completely with tradition and have their own particular style; the edges of these pools seem to disappear, blending into the landscape beyond. Pebble pools have unique characteristics, transforming a pool area so that they appeal aesthetically to adults but are also inviting playgrounds for children. They look and feel totally natural with gentle, flowing lines that become one with the environment. We will import tiny uniform pebbles from New Zealand to embed into the sides of the pools to provide a curved, comfortable, natural non-slip textured pool surface. Mixed with a formula of additives the pebbles bond to form a handsomely natural pool surface designed to hold its beauty over time. Pebble pools duplicate the natural appearance of lakes or stream beds and allow for 100% design freedom. Features will now include a walk-in beach entrance, cascading waterfalls, islands, and bridges.


The pools will be designed with the diverse needs of residents in mind. Flowing in two beautiful curvaceous shapes, the main central pool is intended for relaxation purposes. The stunning 267 square metre main pool will be so large there will be a bridge across the centre to save you from having to walk all the way around. A shallower 91 square metre pool for older children will be situated in front of the main pool. The pools will be connected by an immense and striking waterfall, half the width of Ocean Village which will look spectacular from the lobby.
For those who prefer a more energetic experience, we will provide a half-Olympic sized lap pool running down the side of the deck. To ensure record lap times it will be wave-less!

The children’s pool area will feature a babbling brook, an interactive fountain and a waterfall. We will now have three different depths of pool, instead of just one round pool.
With parental supervision, children of all age groups will be able to play safely and freely here whilst being some distance away from the adult pools. Another wonderful feature of pebble pools is that they eliminate slippery tiles, an added bonus in the area of child safety. Also provided will be changing areas, toilets and showers in the children’s area.

Pool Maintenance
To keep maintenance costs at a minimum, cleaning of the pool water will be fully electronic, automatic and continuous.
This will also provide optimum healthy swimming conditions and ensure there is no red-eye or chlorine odour. The main pools will be heated, and if required, can be heated separately so residents will have the option to heat one or more of the pools all year round - the lap pool for exercise for example.

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